Hemp & Cannabis

The newly developed hemp & cannabis industry creates many opportunities for Vegreville. This industry interconnects many others such as agriculture, manufacturing, research & development, retail, and tourism. These are all industries Vegreville can grow and succeed in. Additionally, Vegreville has the land, existing building space and community to support industry growth. The agricultural community in Vegreville is strong, with almost 2 million seeded acres of crop in the region. Interconnection of the agriculture industry creates economic diversification and opens doors for new innovations. Increasing the Town’s business mix is a priority for the Town's economy and investing in this industry creates many possibilities in meeting that goal.

Working with Innotech, Vegreville is a growing centre for the hemp industry and man of the value-added components of hemp. Located on the west end of town, Innotech is the top hemp and marijuana research facility in the world. As the current home of a major CBD manufacturer (Chromtec), and future home of a hemp processing facility, Vegreville is poised to become the hemp Capital of Canada. As other countries around the world begin to legalize marijuana, Vegreville’s potential reveals the prospect of exporting information, resources, and expertise to these locations.

For more information on Hemp and Cannabis in our region, visit the Alberta HUB's Industrial Hemp page, here.