Hemp & Cannabis

Vegreville has emerged as a global investment destination for industrial hemp seed, fiber and CBD, processing and manufacturing. Industrial Hemp is a highly versatile crop that can be grown for seed, fiber and cannabidiol (CBD).

The Vegreville region has the proven “Northern Advantage” for growing hemp for fiber with long summer days and is well suited to grow industrial hemp varieties. The region’s high yields of fiber biomass are prized by the multitude of companies looking to convert these feedstocks into a wide range of products. 

Farmers in the Vegreville region have been very innovative in growing and harvesting hemp. They see the potential in placing hemp in their rotation as a profitable crop that also sequesters carbon.

Vegreville is in the heart of a very strong agriculture region with gross farm cash receipts reaching over $2.9 billion in 2016 and within a 150 km radius has access to close to 6 million cultivated acres.

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