Oil and Gas Manufacturing

Do you work in the Oil and Gas Manufacturing Industry?

On September 2, 2020, the Government of Canada announced that the Town of Vegreville will receive $8,250,000 through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to build the Town of Vegreville Agri-Food Industrial Park. The Industrial Park will be located at SE17-52-14-W4, and construction will begin in May 2021. The eighty-acre development will be fully serviced and will target leading hemp innovators to the bustling industry in Vegreville. The project, costing $9,900,000, is expected to be completed by October 2022. 

This new addition of serviced land opens opportunities for many industries, including Oil & Gas Manufacturing. Although Vegreville is in an ideal location for manufacturing businesses, there is low competition in this industry in our region. Vegreville’s labour force is largely educated in trades work and college-level programs, making this region abundant in skilled employees. Increasing the Town’s business mix is a priority for the Town's economy and investing in this industry creates many possibilities in meeting that goal.

Vegreville’s location on Highway 16 and proximity to CN’s Trans-Canada Railway makes cross-country exportation accessible and simple. Additionally, Vegreville’s land prices are extremely competitive for the area, allowing you to purchase reasonably priced land in a prime location for your business.

To find more information on Oil and Gas in our region, visit the Alberta HUB website, here.