Existing Business

Already own a business in Vegreville?

The Economic Development department was created to help entrepreneurs start up their businesses and helping those businesses succeed and thrive. Vegreville recently completed an Economic Diversity Enhancement Plan, which stated our community has the opportunity to better the relationship between this department and Vegreville's business owners. Business visits are routinely conducted by the Economic Development Manager, Bob Bezpalko. These business visits allow the department manager to make formal and proper introductions with business owners. Additionally, they provide a convenient and comfortable space for our community's entrepreneurs to address any questions, comments, or concerns that they may have about our department.

At Economic Development, we want to assure anyone running a business has access to a vast array of resources to assist them along the way.  In this section, you will find compiled lists of training, financing, and support resources for your business operations. Additionally, we offer incentives to assist entrepreneurs in the revitalization of their existing façade or new development for their business.