Move to Vegreville

Are you thinking about relocating? Here's why you should choose Vegreville. 

There are many qualities which make our Town a great place to call home, and at the Economic Development department, we want to show them off to you. In this section, we have compiled information on our Town's quality of life attributes to give you the information required to begin your move to Vegreville!

Housing in Vegreville is abundant and priced very reasonably. The budget-friendly prices of the area combined with the variety of dwelling types to choose from make this community very special.  The cost of real estate in Vegreville is significantly lower than that of the provincial average and larger cities such as Sherwood Park or Fort Saskatchewan. The low cost of residential and commercial real estate makes this a great place to invest in a property. To check out available properties for sale, click here

Healthcare and Social Assistance are essential to the residents of this Town. Making up 15.5% of the employed workforce, it is Vegreville's largest industry. Our community is equipped with several health care resources and services to increase your quality of life significantly. Aside from public health resources, Vegreville offers dentistry optometry and other paramedical services. Check out our business directory to find out more!

There are several parks, amenities, and recreational facilities in Vegreville. Additionally, we have many groups and associations which offer a vast array of activities for your family, no matter your age, hobbies, or fitness level. There are a variety of sports teams and associations that are always accepting recruits. Fine arts are a widely respected area of study in our community, and we are home to many groups, academies, and clubs to enroll in. You can also check out our events calendar to see any upcoming activities or attractions.

Vegreville is home to educational opportunities for people of any age. As a community with a local preschool and daycare, and a part of the Elk Island school district, Vegreville has several different schooling options for your children. Additionally, our community's connections to surrounding colleges create opportunities for anyone looking to expand their education. Anyone looking into advancement into the trades fields will be met with a variety of programs to get them involved in their industry of choice.