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Machinery & Equipment Tax Exemption

This Machinery & Equipment Tax Exemption bylaw allows Vegreville businesses, both present and future, that are or would be, taxed on machinery and equipment by the municipality to apply for an automatic exemption of that tax, guaranteed for the next fifteen years.

Small Business Tax Rate

Properties eligible for the small business sub-class are those, other than designated industrial properties, that are owned or leased by a business who:

  1. Operate under a valid business license or have proof of an approved business licence exemption from the Town of Vegreville;
  2. Employ fewer than 50 full-time employees within Canada as of November 30 of the preceding tax year; and
  3. Generate active business income from its operations.

On an annual basis, the business must complete the Annual Small Business Declaration form (find form below) and submit it to the Town Office no later than 4:30 PM on the last working day of December each year. If the form is received after the last working day in December each year it will not qualify for the small business tax rate in the subsequent year.

Non-Residential Development Incentive Program

This program promotes the expansion, renovation, and construction of new development of non-residential property in Vegreville by allowing a one-time tax cancellation of up to $25,000 per qualified development. Potential eligibility for additions/expansions for commercial or industrial (non-residential) projects, including demolition for new construction purposes. Qualification is based on an increase in the assessed value of $50,000 or more (excludes land assessment).

For more information and to determine whether your project is eligible, please email or call 587-790-0919

C1 Small Commercial Business Revitalization Incentive

The Business Revitalization Program provides businesses in the Downtown Core that improve and/or update the visual appearance of their business an opportunity to apply for a grant, valued at up to $3,000 from the Town of Vegreville.

Local Business Signage Incentive

The Local Business Signage Incentive provides all businesses in Vegreville, excluding home-based businesses, that add, improve, or enhance permanent frontage signage affixed to their location an opportunity to apply for a $2,000 grant from the Town of Vegreville.

Funding Programs

The Town of Vegreville is committed to supporting businesses and organizations by providing assistance in the application process for various funding opportunities.